Thanks to the movie “Coco”, Mexican culture and cuisine, have begun to become popular in China


Heng Yue, chef, and owner of the restaurant “Pebbles” in Beijing, stressed that the kitchen is a very important symbol of the culture of a country.

Thanks to the movie “Coco”, Mexican culture and especially the cuisine, have begun to become popular in China, and more restaurants have integrated dishes from the Latin American country to their menus, although sometimes with errors.

Heng Yue, chef, and owner of the restaurant “Pebbles” in Beijing, highlighted that the kitchen is a very important symbol of the culture of a country, and through the experience of the food, the population can define where they will spend their next vacations, so be “true to the season”, important.

The chef, who studied Mexican cuisine with the American Rick Bayless, and has visited the country on multiple occasions, said his restaurant is a contemporary version of Mexican cuisine.

He said that while it seeks to maintain the most representative elements of it, the greatest adaptation has been to use sustainable ingredients for environmental care.

It has also incorporated local and organic products and employs utensils and even straws that can be recycled, in addition to offering options in the intensity of the spicy in their sauces, as the magnitude of this seasoning is the main fear that has new customers.

“Many times, the restaurants when entering a new nation must adapt to the needs of the locals, I do not want to do that, I want to give a Mexican experience to my clients, I want to offer what Mexicans eat and not give them a wrong idea” , he said.

He made it clear that Mexican food represents years of culture and is very varied, colorful, and vibrant “and that’s what I want my clients to try”.

He stressed that the similarity between both cultures has allowed Mexican cuisine is very well accepted since both have spicy foods or even dishes that are made with corn, and where the family forms an important role, aspects that were marked in the Disney movie “Coco.”

“There was an impulse of the Mexican culture when the film was presented, the Chinese loved it because they found a lot of similarity between the Chinese and the Mexican culture, like the fact that the family is first, or the day of the dead because we also have a celebration where we remember our loved ones, “he told Notimex.

For his part, the chef and owner of QMEX, Marcos Medina, agreed that Mexican food in China is already popular, because seven years ago, when he arrived in Beijing, there were only two restaurants that offered this cuisine, and nowadays There are more than 20.

He stressed that although it is more common to find this type of food, it needs to be developed further, since it has the concept that all the food in this region consists of tacos, burritos, nachos, and margaritas, which is a bad projection, given the diversity that exists in Mexican cuisine.

“Not only in Beijing, Mexican food around the world already has more presence, even in Seoul there are already restaurants that sell tamales, but it also is a matter of time to see more diversity in Mexican restaurants and these specialize in regional food.

Both chefs emphasized that nowadays it is easier to get Mexican ingredients in China, since having different climates, the country has started to harvest products from different nations, while the strengthening of bilateral relations has allowed more Mexican companies to have a presence in the Chinese market.

Source: Notimex

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