They are tired of seeing their children in classrooms of wood and cardboard


They demand that the project be given swiftly to build the classrooms and the offices of the school, which for the past year and two months already has a password from the Sepyc.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Teachers and parents of Nueva Creacion High School, from the Santa Teresa neighborhood, gave a one-week deadline for the State Government, and particularly the Sepyc, to give an answer for the start of the construction of their facilities. Otherwise, they will go to one of Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel’s hotels to be heard.

Lucia Medina, one of the members of the Association of Parents of Family, said that she herself showed the governor of the state the conditions in which the secondary works.

I showed him the pictures of the school, of the classrooms and he was surprised. He took his phone and someone gave him the order so that he could immediately attend to the needs of the students, Medina said. 

“I think he pretended because that was several months ago and nobody from the State Government stopped here.” 

Long wait

The New Creation Secondary School has little more than eight years of being operating in the most precarious conditions. 
Four generations of students have already graduated from it, one of them with an official key and the rest with the key of other public schools that have shown solidarity with their cause. 

For now it works with 118 students as from its beginning, under classrooms made of cardboard, wood and plastic. It does not have walls that delimit it and give it security, besides that it only has one bathroom.

Luis Eduardo Valdez, a teacher at that school, said that the Secretary of Public Education and Culture gave him the official key a year and two months ago.  

However, the time passes without at least being warned that they are already in the budget to start the construction of the classrooms, which are urgent.

By: Jorge Luis Lozano

The Mazatlan Post