AMLO opens the door to the Durango-Mazatlán railroad route


In a private meeting with Governor José Rosas Aispuro, President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador opened the door to the construction of a railroad from Durango to Sinaloa.

After the meeting he held with the state leader, which also attended local and federal mayors and legislators, AMLO said that one of the requests was the conclusion of the route (Durango-Mazatlan), truncated at least three decades ago.

He also expressed the need to provide resources to the hydraulic project of the Tunal II dam and solve various mobility problems in La Laguna, where some projects on public transport have been designed.

He acknowledged that Durango requires special attention, given the conditions of poverty that prevail in the state, which he described as “El Chiapas del Norte”.

The day before, the president-elect was received at the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport by various groups of citizens, including several indigenous people who even placed welcome signs in their dialect, but there were also protests to demand the release of political prisoners.

At the airport, Lopez Obrador agreed with Adela Micha and chatted a couple of minutes with the communicator, who arrived in this city to interview the tenor Plácido Domingo, who will offer a concert tonight.

Source: Proceso 

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