Restricted navigation in Mazatlan due to high tides (perfect for surfing though)


MAZATLÁN._ Due to the strong swell with waves between 1.8 and 2.4 meters high that occurs due to the effects of the “Mar de Fondo” caused by hurricane “Sergio” of category 4 in the Pacific Ocean, today in the morning navigation was restricted to vessels of recreational tourism.

“It was determined to restrict navigation to sport fishing boats, sailboats, those that provide parachute services or pull bananas”, said the Regional Captain of Puerto de Mazatlan, José Enrique Mora Reyes.

He added that the port is open to the navigation of smaller vessels, bigger crafts such as shrimp boats are leaving, but the smaller ones can not leave because of the strong waves.

He said that although “Sergio” reached category 4, and it has drifted away from the Mexican coast, generating high tides and the effects of the sea floor reached Mazatlan, although to a lesser extent.

The strong surf is used by surfers to practice their sport in different points of the Mazatlan beaches.

TMP Newsroom