It´s official: UBER started operations in Cabo as of Wednesday October 3rd


Uber Los Cabos is ready to provide service to the local population and the tourists who visit this popular and exclusive port.

For many, the wait is over, and as of Wednesday, October 3, they will be able to use the app, to get a taxi instantly, in good conditions and with a friendly treatment.

The people of Los Cabos will not have to wait for hours in Soriana, Chedraui, Aurrera etc. or to have to walk from the downtown area to Las Guacamayas to be able to take a taxi.

For many residents of Los Cabos, taxi drivers charge high fees, give poor service, and oftenly users have to share a cab with two or more people to avoid having to wait any longer under the sun or rain.

Many citizens are happy for the arrival of UBER, and they believe that this will prevent further abuse by taxi drivers who call themselves “local”, who do what they want and treat the passengers badly, as they feel protected by the monopoly that has dominated the port for so many years.

Source: The Baja Post