Adhere to trash schedule in Puerto Vallarta or be fined


According to the Vallarta Daily news webiste, if you take out your trash outside of your area’s scheduled collection hours in Puerto Vallarta, you could be liable to a fine up to 14,038.50 pesos, in accordance with Article 99 of the Income Law for the current year. That fine will increase by 5% in 2019.

Article 218 of the Ecology Regulation states that “The amount of fines shall be set based on the minimum wage in effect for the municipality of Puerto Vallarta and in accordance with the Municipal Income Law.”

Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña announced that “now” they will begin to apply the Ecology Regulation in the city. The Mayor added that he would work with the people of Vallarta on the issue of garbage collection, while ensuring that trucks will be procured. He stressed that “there are citizens who do not join the common effort to maintain a clean city.”

The city also announced the activation over the next two months of a mobile application (App) so that citizens of Puerto Vallarta can report, in addition to potholes, broken lights or any other irregularity, including to report people who take out the trash after the collector truck passes. The app will allow users to send a photo of the infraction and send to officials to address the concerns of the citizens.

Isn’t it time to do the same thing in Mazatlán?