12K Xtreme Mazatlan: A race with a family cause


The month of October brings a unique opportunity to participate in a challnging race starting right along the Mazatlan’s malecón.

If you are interested in participating in something different – something beyond flat. A respected runner in Mazatlán, Prof. Sergio Javier Leyva Santos, has put together XtreMazatlán, to be held on Sunday, October 28th.

This 12 km (about 7 ½ mile) run will have runners going over two hills (Ice Box Hill and Lookout Hill) as well as up and down the Faro.

Some will find this too difficult to imagine, and for that there are options to sign up as a pair or as a relay team of five people. The race has assembled many great sponsors including dportenis, Powerade, La Mazatleca restaurant, TVP, Eléctrica Valdéz and Turbulence Training.

Many Mazatlan residents run the Faro on a regular basis and have longed for a race that would include it. Their wishes have been answered…

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Source: https://vidamaz.com/