Green Angels: attention to tourists in Mexico who travel on the country’s highways and roads.


Green Angels: attention to tourists in Mexico

It was created on September 15, 1960 with the purpose of offering guidance, advice, telephone and mechanical assistance, assistance and support throughout the year to tourists, as well as assistance to the population in case of contingency or natural disasters.

Los Angeles Verdes, of the Ministry of Tourism, this 2016 fulfill fifty-six years of service, commitment, care and comprehensive assistance to tourists who travel on the country’s highways and roads.

The Green Angels provide telephone guidance and tourist information, through the toll-free number 078. Help, in case of contingencies or natural disasters, to the general population.

Green Angels have a great goal: that the tourist lives a pleasant experience in their vacations and road trips.

The Green Angels with warmth offer in the 32 entities of the country quality services and, thanks to a team of 770 public servants transferred in 417 units, they travel up to 22 million kilometers per year.

Whether during the Easter, summer or winter vacations and in any of the rest “bridges”, Green Angels helps the tourist 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the toll-free number 078.

Angeles Verdes invites you to be a responsible tourist, find out free tick 078, before going on the road check the physical condition of your car, when you drive to use the seat belt, respect the signs, do not drive tired, do not throw garbage or objects and preferably leads by day.

Strengthens the regional and state development of the country with the timely provision of comprehensive information services, guidance, advice, telephone assistance, emergency mechanics, assistance and support 365 days a year to tourists.

Through the Service Dispatch and Control Center, guidance and assistance services are provided by providing timely comprehensive information services, advice, telephone assistance, road emergency mechanics 365 days a year to national and foreign nationals, through the Corporación Ángeles Verdes, has a modern radio communication equipment, which allows to serve all users of the service more effectively.

Currently, at the Central de Dispacho y Servicios de Angeles Verdes, state-of-the-art technology is available, which, in addition to radio communication with the Green Angel patrols, integrates the automatic vehicle tracking service and the possibility of interconnection with other equipment. communication (UHF / VHF) for the attention of emergencies, which replaces the amateur radio with which Ángeles Verdes had been operating for more than 40 years

Corporación Ángeles Verdes is considered a tourist service that distinguishes Mexico worldwide in assistance, tourism assistance and support to the population in case of contingency or natural disasters for free through the Ministry of Tourism through the Corporación Ángeles Verdes. , to national, foreign and co-national tourists traveling by road to different tourist destinations, covering 262 highways of Mexico.

Through the Telephone number 078 , we offer free services of integral services in the main stretches where we have a presence:

  • information
  • Orientation
  • Mechanical emergency
  • Help and road support

In addition, we have information modules distributed throughout the national territory, in more than 100 tourist destinations in our country.

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