Now is your time to Make The Move To Mexico!


Finally – an expat living in Mexico full time offers a program to help others making the move work through all of the details and complications involved in moving to Mexico! Make The Move To Mexico students will appreciate the interactive online training as well as all of the downloadable resources including sample lease documents, checklists, and templates.

“The course goes beyond the basics of telling people what they need to do in order to move to Mexico but rather walks students through each process, step by step. Whether that is the steps for gaining residency or the steps for purchasing a car or opening a bank account here in Mexico – it’s real life “how-to”s. The course also provides the support of others that have gone through it and understand the frustrations and the fears that can come up when making such a huge life change!” said Ashley Campo, founder of Tulum Traveler & Make The Move To Mexico.

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Make The Move To Mexico is available 100% online so it can be done anywhere and at your own pace and gives students all the tools to successfully make the move and settle into their new life in Mexico. The course eliminates the need for students to spend countless hours scouring the internet trying to decipher what information is reliable and up to date. It provides just what you need to know and cuts out all of the other useless information that just creates more confusion and doubt.


Enrollment is now open but will be closing at 8 pm EST, Thursday, September 27th.

About Tulum Traveler: Tulum Traveler was founded in 2016 to help others considering spending time in Tulum but as it gained popularity quickly became a resource for people considering making the move to Mexico. Ashley now works with clients from around the world to help them be sure they are making the right decision to move to Mexico and then navigating how-to make the move and get settled in and well adjusted to their new expat life. For more information or to enroll in the course, visit

Hey there! I’m Ashley and I’m obsessed with living in Mexico!

I moved to beautiful Tulum, Mexico with my hubby Frank & Shih-Tzu Miko in 2016. As we were moving I quickly realized just how little quality information is out there for expats that want to make the move and really establish a new home and life here in Mexico.

I started consulting people that found me through my blog and wanted to make the move but didn’t know where to start but I knew so many more people could benefit from this information.

I created this course because I have seen how our lives have changed as a result of making the move to Mexico and believe everyone can do it too with the right guidance and support.

I’m excited to be part of your journey of moving to Mexico!