Fines of up to 403 thousand pesos for flying a drone without a license, as of December


MEXICO CITY. (Notimex) .- The use of drones extends in Mexico , they are easily commercialized in specialized stores, and they are usually acquired for recreational purposes , but the acquisition of these aircraft does not include the license or the knowledge of the regulations that must follow.

Currently, there is a rule in the country on the use of drones by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation , the Ministry of Communications and Transportation , which determines the rules to follow to pilot unmanned ships, however, so far the infractions This standard is only of a civil nature.

In an interview with Notimex, the project director of Amacuzac , Luis Salazar , said that said address follows the international regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization , which establishes the need for a license to fly an unmanned ship, as well as the obligatory nature from December.

“The need to license drones is in force, but the Civil Aviation Law establishes in transitory II that all drone regulations must be modified in December when the full weight of the fines will come into effect” , he pointed.

As of December 2018 , with the publication of the regulations on flight in the Official Gazette of the Federation , flying drones without a license could cost up to 403 thousand pesos of fine . The fine, he said, is because not knowing the risks can cost the lives of passengers in manned ships.

The DGAC considers that the responsibility of the drone pilot is comparable with the responsibility of the other pilots, this is because the space they occupy is common to that of the manned ships and, sometimes, the presence of an object of a certain weight can jeopardize the stability of a flight or of the people who are under the aircraft.

According to the manager, the flight of unmanned ships is a matter that must be taken seriously, since the presence of these ships can affect the performance of others, so the regulation that will be published in December in the Official Gazette of the Federation should be considered as an achievement for flight safety.

“Knowing how to man a drone is important because we are going to occupy the same air space where manned aircraft are, so if we do not know for example that we are in an area of approaching flights, we can get into trouble with an airplane, what we want to know is where it is allowed to fly, where flying is not allowed, “he said.

Luis Salazar said that although it is still unclear if the ships weighing less than two kilograms will also enter the regulation, the DGAC does consider the need for a permit and regulation for the ships that are marketed in shopping centers. and internet pages.

“It’s not clear yet, but the global trend is to lose two kilograms to 250 grams to require a license,” he said.

Drone pilots should consider that the risks in neglected flight may be greater than those shown in some youtube tutorials.

Considering the different uses that can be given to the unmanned ships in the future, it is important that the regulation that will come into force as of December is taken seriously, since knowing how to take advantage of this type of technology in fields such as transportation of merchandise or agriculture the presence of drones in the airspace will grow.

To obtain the license for drone flight, it is necessary to take a flight course in a certified school, be Mexican by birth, be over 18 years of age, have a military release card, have completed high school, and have a good status. health, since to obtain the document it is necessary to pass an aeronautical medical examination that is very strict, said the director.

With the entry into force of the regulations for the flight of unmanned aircraft, it is expected that public interest will be awakened to regularize their air incursions and to learn more about this technology that, when well exploited, will be able to reduce costs and optimize processes in various industries.

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(By Juan Ramón Aguilar)


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