Is this the new 20 peso coin? No, it’s fake news


Actually, it is a commemorative edition available in the Casa de la Moneda de México, which is identified in the catalog as Trimetálica Cultura Maya.

With the arrival of the new 500 peso bill, the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) announced that 20 pesos bills (which also have the image of Benito Juárez) would disappear and that coins of that value will circulate instead. Given this, social networks began to circulate alleged images of the new metal; however, they are false, since, in reality, it is a commemorative coin.

The images that circulate show a coin with coppery edges and a golden center with the image of the Pyramid of Kukulkán, and in the same way it shows on the obverse the legend: “Chichen Itza wonder of the world”. While on the back there is a ball game marker adorned with two snakes and shows the Mayan numeration (from zero to 19).

Casa de la Moneda de México.

This coin is actually a commemorative edition available at the Mint of Mexico (CMM), which is identified in the catalog (available on its website) as Trimetálica Maya Culture.

According to the specifications, it is made with laton and cuni, have a weight of 52 grams and its finish is satin with fields in contrast. The currency has a cost of 400 pesos, or 550 pesos if it is purchased with a case.

Banxio said that the disappearance of the 20 pesos bill, which began circulating on August 20, 2007, will be gradual and will be replaced by coins of that denomination, but there is no exact date when the new metal will begin to circulate.

Like any banknote or currency in the process of being withdrawn, the 20 peso bill will still have value for the denomination marked, so it can still be used normally for any transaction, with the difference that once a banknote of this denomination arrives the banks will be removed from circulation, which must be separated so as not to return them to the public.

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