AMLO meets with Governor Quirino Ordaz and guarantees support for Sinaloa


Sinaloa governor Quirino Ordaz, met with the elected president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who said there are guarantees to support the state in various programs and security, as it was the sixth state in the country with more votes for the “transformation”.

“We are going to support Sinaloa, we have a debt with Sinaloa, we are going to guarantee security and peace for all,” AMLO said.

In the Government Palace of the state, where he was received by Quirino Ordaz, López Obrador detailed that insecurity will be attacked with a different approach.

AMLO promised that there will be economic growth, employment, support to agriculture, support for the producers, support for the youth and that their right to study and work will be guaranteed.

“There is a great commitment with the Sinaloans, we are going to support productive activity and well-being, that is what I can tell you right now, in general terms,” ​​AMLO said.

He recalled that in Sinaloa they voted for the transformation of Mexico, as it was the sixth place nationwide in number of votes for MORENA in the July 1st election.