Baja California seeks to strengthen its aerospace sector


The aerospace sector in Baja California has been operating for 51 years. In 2016, the sector pulled in approximately US$256 million in investments, and now it is looking to be further fortified in the region. For now, part of its main focus would be on boosting production chains, according to the vice president of the cluster in the state, Daniel Ortiz.

The sector in the state is also looking to become a powerful articulator between the industry and the necessary principal actors.

“At the moment it is urgent to create productive chains, as well as systems to increase the capacities that have developed during the years, and that is currently fractionated,” Ortiz said.

He added that the cluster has focused efforts on fostering work among different companies outside and within the sector to achieve the synergy that generates growth.

According to official figures, the aerospace industry in the state includes more than 80 companies that represent more than 33,000 jobs involved in the various processes, and its export value exceeds US$148 million annually.