Official: Congress Eliminate pension of former Presidents and other privileges


The new norm was sent to the Federal Executive so that it is published in the Official Gazette and enters into force before the discussion of the Budget of Expenditures of 2019

Mexico.- The Chamber of Deputies approved yesterday the new Federal Law of Remuneration of Public Servants, this may put an end to the pensions of former Presidents of the Republic .

Approved in general with 433 votes in favor, nine against and one abstention, the new norm was sent to the federal Executive so that it is published in the Official Gazette and enters into force before the discussion of the Expenditures Budget of 2019.

Queda aprobado, en lo general y en lo particular, la Ley Federal de Remuneraciones de los Servidores Públicos y se turna al Ejecutivo federal para sus efectos constitucionales

Morena imposed her majority and prevented the 17 reservations that the opposition presented to the bill, the Penal Code and the transitory ones from prospering.

Article 10 prohibits withdrawals that are not supported by laws or employment contracts.

Retirements, pensions or retirement benefits will not be granted or covered without these being assigned by law, legislative decree, collective agreement or general working conditions, says the text.

This will prevent the continuation of pensions for former Presidents , who are assigned by means of presidential decrees.

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The new norm also endorses the constitutional provision that no public servant will receive remuneration or retribution for the performance of his function, position or commission, greater than that established for the President of the Republic.

In addition, no public servant may have a remuneration equal to or greater than his superior.

It also indicates that all public servants must receive an adequate remuneration, irrenounceable for the performance of their function, employment, position or commission, proportional to their responsibilities, and no remuneration can be covered by the exercise of items whose object is different in the corresponding budget. , except in the case that the transfers are updated in the Budget itself or in the applicable law.

He adds that the remuneration will be subject to annuity criteria, recognition of performance, equity, auditing, equality, legality, transparency and accountability.

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“Remuneration and remuneration is considered as any perception in cash or in kind, including allowances, bonuses, grades, prizes or rewards, bonuses, incentives, commissions, compensations and any other except for the supports and expenses subject to verification, which are specific to the work development”.

Specifies that travel expenses in official activities are not part of the remuneration; resources received by public servants in terms of law, legislative decree, collective bargaining agreement or general work conditions related to pensions, pensions or retirements, liquidations for services rendered, loans or credits, or the security services required by public servants because of the position held.

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In the discussion, the fraction of the PRI warned that the content of the law required updating, after almost 7 years in the freezer.

The tricolor indicated that article 217 bis were added to the Penal Code, but that article is already in another wording, so the numbering had to be modified.