Real estate sector could grow 25% to 40% in 2019 with a new bilateral agreement: CBRE

In view of the agreements and disagreements that have taken place between the governments of Mexico, the United States and Canada regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement ( NAFTA ), Yadira Torres Romero, Director of Market Research at CBRE México , assured that the real estate market will be the most benefited with the new trade agreement between the first two countries.

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Dredging work commences on making Mazatlan a deep sea port, and that will allow strengthening of the northern economic corridor, where we will have the opportunity to connect with the interoceanic part between Mazatlán Sinaloa and Matamoros, in Tamaulipas, via the superhighway through Durango, but Mazatlan will have the opportunity to connect with the Asian continent, where the Koreans and the Chinese have shown a great interest in the port of Mazatlan.

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According to your information, for the next year, you could see an increase of 25% in the number of companies that make new expansions and investments. However, in manufacturing-exporting regions such as the northeast of the country and the Bajío the increases could reach up to 40%, due to the number of projects stopped by the uncertainty of the negotiations.

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The key points where the investments are benefited are definitely the industrial real estate market and the capital market.

According to CBRE estimates, once the new agreement is confirmed, the clause to review it every six years and the possibility of renewing for another 10 years, would give the opportunity to companies to plan their production in the North American region in the medium and long-term.

“It will be more a moment of planning than of caution. Since the investments that were stopped are those that are made in a medium to long-term horizon. And of course, greater certainty and clarity of the new policies of the new government would encourage investment, “said Lyman Daniels, president of CBRE Mexico.

Yadira Torres Romero, Director of Market Research CBRE Mexico. Lyman Daniels, president of CBRE Mexico.

“Another key aspect of the signal change in the market is that the manufacturing industry could resume the next year its role as an engine of the industrial real estate demand. Place that, throughout the negotiation period of the NAFTA, took the logistics and distribution industry. Undoubtedly, confidence is renewed and that drives the two segments that were most affected by the uncertainty “, concluded Lyman Daniels.

Source: Inmobiliare, CBRE