These will be the fines for not wearing a helmet in Sinaloa


Rosario.- Almost a score of motorcycles were confiscated in an operation implemented in the municipal traffic headend, these by the constant reports of pedestrians and motorists, by the reckless driving of these vehicles and at the same time to press to wear the protective helmet and respect the signs.

The director of public security and municipal transit, Abdón Caravantes Hernández, reported that the use of the motorcycle as a light and economic vehicle has increased, but with this also the number of accidents and injuries has increased due to the use of them, as well as to call it “A serious problem” in the municipality.

Only in the month of August to public safety of reported 4 mishaps of motorcycles with serious injuries, in addition to that in 80 percent of the incidents in the municipality of Rosario, motorcycles are involved.

The Sanctions
The police chief reported that the operations will be constant and sudden, first starting in the municipal seat and later will be extended to the communities and unions of the municipality, places where they are even reported even up to the moment.

He stressed that most offenders are sometimes minors, hence the invitation to parents that if they buy a motorcycle to your child, include protection, because in an accident can be seriously injured or lose until life.

That the parents put their grain of sand and help us, we do operational but if the parents do not help us it will be difficult to control this.

Caravantes Hernandez said he would focus first on motorcyclists wearing protective helmets and their passengers, as well as respecting road signs.

The Risks

Along with Escuinapa, Rosario is one of the municipalities with the highest incidence of road accidents by population percentage. Per week, up to eight accidents are reported in which the injuries become very serious. 

Source: El Debate