The first Mexican packs of marijuana


As the relationship between our society and marijuana changes, the modes of consumption, distribution, and presentation of our beloved plant are also transformed. Now, the first Mexican pack with cannabis cigarettes comes to the market. It is the same flower that we already know, but there is much behind this packaging.

Danny Grower, in an interview with La Dosis, explained that the goal is to take the product to another type of person, not necessarily to the habitual consumer. Both the packaging, its design, and the quality of the flower, are designed to “change things” and approach other types of contexts.

He also clarified that “it is a matter of taste”. “Everyone will decide what they decide to buy; if something cheap and ugly, or good and expensive. ” In the end, he added, there is a market for everything. You just have to take it like any other business. The difference is that the cannabis business keeps looking bad, but that starts to change.

Each pack brings a total of 8 “Flor de Caña” cigarettes. For your acquisition, you have to get in direct contact with THC Crew Mexico .