A tale of a German immigrant to Mazatlan


He was born in Beerkeem S. Peire, Hannover, province of Germany on November 9, 1848. He arrived in Mazatlan in 1884, where he took over the management of the La Bahía spinning mill, the only one in his branch in Mazatlan, as well as a member of the same, with the mission of perfecting it.
Under the direction of Evers, the factory was modernized with the machinery of English manufacture, consisting of 35 looms for different fabrics and spinning moved with a motor of 75 horsepower; The main products made by the “Bahia” were blankets that were easily sold in the states of the west coast of Mexico. In great demand for its superior quality and manufacturing.

During his administration, Germán Evers perfected and made the factory as productive as possible, providing employment to a group of 75 operators that lodge in houses near the site.
The house Melcher was the only distributor of the fabrics of the Bay, but already in this century in 1903 and still under the administration of German Evers, this factory closed its doors years later. Germán Evers was commissioned to produce beer with the ingredients carried by the Melchers; for which the facilities that Jacobo Lang had in the vicinity of the Zaragoza Park by the current 5 de Mayo street were used. The result was magnificent, Evers achieved a beer superior to all that had been manufactured in Mazatlan to date; Later in 1898, at a meeting held at the Melchers’ home, Evers was entrusted with the administration of a brewery, from operating it to providing the necessary maintenance.

Until 1900 was born what would be the Cervecería del Pacífico, a year later it was inaugurated, in which Evers was listed as a founding partner and shareholder.
Germán Evers widowed at the age of fifty; He had great sympathy for the people of Mazatlan who gave him his friendship, motivating him to become a Mexican national, on May 4, 1928. But death reached this illustrious person when he was 81 years old, on September 28, 1930, and died at his February 652 address in this city. He was buried in the pantheon Ángela Peralta.

Evers donated the land where the Orphanage of Mazatlan was built; In addition to what is now the sports field, the stay of the DIF and a quantity of money for the construction of the same.
In his testament, according to data provided by Enrique Vega researcher and director of the Municipal Archive, Evers donated to Mazatlan almost half of his fortune distributed as follows: 25% to the Mazatlan Orphanage, 10% to the Civil Hospital, assigning preference to the construction of a new department, 10% benefited the city to form squares and parks for the recess of minor children; 6% for the charity house located in front of the Zaragoza park; 6% to the charity of “San Vicente Paul”.
In the copy of the testament, which was provided by the Batiz Lamadrid family, the previous donations are included and the will of Evers is expressed who left as executors to Mr. JR Ferber, Guillermo Baltazar to whom he left instructions to pay all his debts and mortuary expenses.
He donated $ 6,000.00 in national gold to Mrs. Antonia Ochoa, $ 1,000.00 in national gold to his servant Victorio Navarro who served him for 8 years and all his domestic servants, I reward him with $ 50.00 for each year of service. He preferred that if these legacies were recorded, they would be careful that they were paid in full to the legatees.

In recognition of Evers, the city council decided to cancel the name of the factory street and register it with that of Germán Evers as proof of gratitude to the deceased; given his kindness and enthusiasm shown by Mazatlan. On December 31, 1932 the name of Germán Evers was declared to the Children’s Park through the streets Guillermo Prieto, Zaragoza and Alvaro Obregón (next to the DIF).
Germán Evers ordered the tomb where he was buried, made of fine blue-gray marble from Germany; its crypt is at the back of the main entrance of the Ángela Peralta pantheon in Mazatlán Sinaloa.
Evers is a very remembered character because he benefits the people a lot; He was also very human with his people, Mazatlan people are proud of this character for that reason also the largest sports court bears his name.

Source. Mito Mitotes
(Red ILSE source)