Empresip Symposium Innovation and Business: Sep. 27-29 in Mazatlán


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Sinaloa is a state with young creatives and entrepreneurs, but there is still no culture to patent projects. In the country, the state is in twelfth place with records of projects and brands.

So, in order to promote the culture of intellectual protection, Laura Rendón Sánchez announced the Second Business Symposium MX, Scientific and Business Innovation.

The coordinator of this event reported that it will be held in Mazatlan from September 27 to 29 at the convention center.

During the presentation, Servando Cázares, director of the Center for Research and Registration of Intellectual Property of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, highlighted the importance of brand creation and development, especially in the case of young inventors.

He insisted that in local universities, and even high schools, there are very talented students who have developed projects for Agriculture, water, food and business that are innovative and often remain only in research, prototype, but do not reach full development, and entrepreneurs don’t register and protect them.

During the three days of work there will be 11 conferences given by experts in the field both nationally and internationally, such as:

  • Legal use of patents
  • Strategies for the protection of intangible assets
  • The successful change from entrepreneur to businessman

    Just to name a few.

Also, three workshops:

  1. Creation and development of the brand, taught by Iván Mirón
  2. Capitalizing on your ideas, by Jorge Cerecero
  3. Patents for free use, technology at your fingertips, with Carlos Machuca.

    This symposium invites all students and entrepreneurs, who can now register.

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