Gastronomic event at La Noria, a big success!


The inhabitants of La Noria, Sinaloa, joined together to promote their town as a rural tourist destination. A gastronomic and craft tianguis called “La Noria, mi pueblo querido” was organized by the town’s authorities and civilians on Sunday August 12.

The families of La Noria exhibited and marketed their typical products so that Mazatlecos and tourists could enjoy them.

The president of the Pro La Noria Committee, Pilar Ramírez, along with Codesin and Sectur, worked on this program, which was joined by 30 local businesses.

The activity became a great party, where in addition to the delicious regional cuisine,drinks and desserts prepared by La Noria residents, they also exhibited works of textiles, saddlery, pottery and embroidery.

The people of La Noria offered their culture, history, gastronomy and crafts.

TMP Newsroom