“El Fuerte Sinaloa produces the best cranberries in the world”


“Without a presumption, the cranberry produced in El Fuerte is superior to that produced by Australia and other regions of the world, the cranberry produced in El Fuerte is the best in the world” exclaimed an Englishman proud David Jackson, in the private meeting that authorities of Codesin Sinaloa celebrated. Jackson is one of the North Americans of Family Tree Farms, the company that produces and exports daily cranberry from Boca de Arrollo, in the municipality of El Fuerte, to various parts of the world and recently to China and Japan.

Having as translator Carlos Balderrama, President of Codesin Sinaloa, the entrepreneur announced that in the short time this company will have a spill of 4 million dollars in harvest time “what economists say is that in an economy a generation of employment multiplies eight times in the generation when it turns before leaving the community, buying bicycles, in groceries and so on and that is what is generated, “he said.

He announced that the variety grown in the municipality of El Fuerte is native to Australia but the fruit produced here exceeds in quality to that which is harvested anywhere in the world. Speaking on behalf of Mayor Marco Vinicio Galaviz, the Secretary of the City Council, José María Flores Soto, argued that the President was in a meeting in Mexico City with Banobras officials to discuss public works matters “to greet them on behalf of the Citizen President Marco Vinicio Galaviz, arranged a meeting today with Banobras this day, they will receive it and will address a matter regarding public works and that is what they will deal with that instance, “he commented. Flores Soto asked American businessmen to promote the cranberries also promote the municipality of El Fuerte, the region that produces it and invited entrepreneurs to join the board that organizes the events of the 450th anniversary of El Fuerte “I understand that they should include in the history of the product the El Fuerte region, to tell you that in this year El Fuerte celebrates 450 anniversary of its founding and for this purpose a patronage is planned to celebrate this anniversary as it is
an important date we are celebrating, the 24th June is the historic date, it would be the great event, invite them with great pleasure to participate as entrepreneurs in this celebration, are cultural events, music, sports but mainly history, but the business side, this recent part of the municipality, is this important company that has been installed here, if we wish to invite them to join this celebration, “he said.

According to the standardization of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States, cranberries is a berry free of fats, sodium, free of cholesterol and rich in fiber, refreshing, tonic, desinflammatory, astringent, diuretic and is the fruit that has the highest content of vitamin “C” in addition to hippuric acid and has become the antioxidant necessary to prevent cancer, in a few words is considered as the superfruit and the Boca de Arrollo area in the municipality of El Fuerte is the
region that produces the “best cranberries in the world” as David Jackson proudly affirmed.