Real Estate developers sue law firm Alvarez y Asociados office for extortion


Real estate developers in Mazatlan criminally denounced the law office of Álvarez y Asociados office for extortion.

In response, the president of this law firm, David Alvarez Bernal, says it is just an act of reprisal by the municipal government for having won an appeal for the reduction of fees of the Aquarium, as well as other lawsuits of collective action against of the town hall.

The businessmen filed the complaint in December 2017. But it was this Monday when they made it public during a meeting held by the Mayor-elect, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, with the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI).

Mazatlan developers deny that Alvarez is being sued because of reprisals by the Government.
On the contrary, they accuse the law office of extortion, arguing that they are asking for money so as not to interpose protection proceedings that interrupt the developments.
modus operandi once payments are received lawsuits against developers are dropped

The lawsuits for extortion against lawyer David Álvarez Bernal have nothing to do with the City Council or the State Government, said Mazatlan real estate developers, after the legal controversy made public in recent days before the mayor-elect, Luis Guillermo Benítez Towers.

Law firm responds with a public letter where the managing partner of the law firm Álvarez y Asociados assures that the complaint filed by the real estate developers in December last year comes under orders from the authorities in retaliation for collective action lawsuits that his firm has won against the municipal government.

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Source: Sibley Cañedo, Noroeste