Mexico in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Have you ever wondered what a Consul General does? If your first thought it was protecting the rights of our nationals, you are absolutely right, however, there is an array of things that we do and you might not be aware of. In the following weeks, I will be sharing several projects and initiatives that I am doing to achieve different goals related to business development such as, strategies and programs to create bridges between different industries in the Bay Area and the LatinX markets (US&LATAM).

First, let me start with this. One of the main concerns that I first dealt with when I arrived to the Bay Area was the fact that we needed to be part of the Silicon Valley Culture. How could we get there? The book “A brief history of the future” by Jacques Attali, inspired me to bring Mexico into the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

With this idea in mind, we started to work on some initiatives and on November 13th 2017, we launched the “Tech Visa Program”, a platform that seeks to attract new talent in technology and innovation into Mexico. This program arises from the opportunity to connect Mexico with the Silicon Valley, seeking to create solid bridges with the objective of taking part in the revolution that is currently undergoing over here. The Tech Visa Program, allows workers, entrepreneurs and business people, who reside in the United States and who receive a minimum income of $1,500 dollars per month, to work remotely from Mexico. The cost of the visa is $36 dollars and as long as people have a valid passport and an official document to demonstrate their employment status, the visa will be obtained in less than 24 hours without a previous appointment. Once in Mexico, applicants will be able to get a residence permit from the National Institute of Migration in less than 30 days. In other words, applicants should keep paying taxes in the US, receiving their monthly salary in a US bank, with the possibility of accessing it from any bank in Mexico.

One of the biggest perks that this program has to offer, is the ability to access a better-quality life. Applicants will be able to save money, making dollars and spending pesos. Just to mention an example: an engineer in the Silicon Valley makes about 7,000 or 8,000 dollars per month, if he or she moves to Guadalajara, Jalisco (the Mexican Silicon Valley), you can rent a beautiful house with only 1,000 dollars, plus you will be able to enjoy the great weather that Jalisco offers, not to mention the vast amount of cultural activities that you could have access to. If your question is HOW? You shouldn’t worry, the government of Jalisco already created a link platform for the people who apply for this visa in order to connect them with better opportunities and strengthen ties with the new residents.

The most important aspect that moves us is that we believe in the benefits of migration. We believe that immigrants make great contributions to the countries they adopt as their own. Mexico is a great example of this diversity, of how Spaniards, Jews, Lebanese, Chilean and Argentinean immigrants, among many others, made our country and our culture better. These types of programs also represent a great business platform for LATAM countries.

By, Gemi Jose Gonzalez
As the Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco, the three main topics I manage are legal services, promotion of art and culture, and business development.