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Exhibition of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The Guadalupana is a symbol of the diversity of Mexico that comes to an exhibition, in the Mexican capital.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a symbol of the identity and cohesion of Mexico since its varied representations and venerations reflect the diversity of the country. This is demonstrated by an exhibition that brings together a multitude of pieces of the most popular icon of the country.

The Franz Mayer Museum in the Mexican capital will house the exhibition “Virgin of Guadalupe, Art and Devotion” with around 280 pieces made between the seventeenth and twenty-first centuries, such as canvases, photographs, jewelry, books, sculptures, and textiles.

In the exhibition, it is possible to find from classic canvases of the Guadalupe to representations in clothes or advertisements.

The exhibition opens with the book “Escudo de Armas de México” (1746), a chronicle where the Guadalupana image is presented for the first time as a reference of identity that does not distinguish between social classes and political preferences.

Every December 12, millions of people come to the Basilica of Guadalupe, on the slopes of Tepeyac, to pay homage to the Virgin in the most crowded religious pilgrimage in the world.

By Imelda Ayala

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