“El Faro de Mazatlán Natural Park”, will now charge to visit the lighthouse


As of Wednesday of this week, will be charged for the various attractions of El Faro de Mazatlan.

The cost will be 5 pesos that include entering the Mirador and 10 pesos for use of the bathrooms and 10 pesos for a bottle of water.

The Civil Association called “Faro de Mazatlán Natural Park”, which was validated to take charge of the conservation and maintenance of the Lighthouse; as a grouping of disinterested citizens; announced that from August 1 will charge to access the Mirador de Cristal and the use of the Sanitary.

Access to this natural attraction dawned with a spectacular canvas where they announced these costs.

As a SPECIAL PACKAGE! It includes access to the Mirador, toilets and the water bottle for 20 pesos.