Installation of two modules for complaints against public transport abuses


It is a priority for Mazatlan and for the Government of the State to provide the best service to visitors, said the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Marco Antonio García Castro, during the installation of two modules of complaints against public transport (TAXIS, pulmonias, Tourist transport) abuses during this summer vacation period.

Octavio Ruiz Fonseca, Director of Roads and Transportation of the State was present, accompanied by transporters and the Director of the Mazatlan Aquarium, Celia Jáuregui.

It should be noted that the modules for the attention of complaints
against public transport will be located one in front of Valentinos on
Avenida Del Mar, crossing with Rafael Buelna, and the other in front of the
facilities of Mazatlan Aquarium.

The delegate in the southern area of Roads and Transportation, José Vallejo Carrillo, said that so far no complaints have been led for abuses of public transport during the summer vacation period.