Hyperloop, to travel from Mexico to Guadalajara in 38 minutes


With the Hyperloop system, you can travel in less than an hour between Mexico and Guadalajara, discover how this transport works.

An evolution in the way of transporting us is every day closer and proof of this is the
Hyperloop, a type of aerospace transport in which passengers or merchandise will
be moved in vacuum tubes at high speed.
One of these Hyperloop will be installed on the Mexico City- Guadalajara route, after
Mexico was chosen as one of the 10 winning venues by Elon Musk’s SpaceX company to
install one of these high-speed structures.

The Hyperloop One Global Challenge started in May 2016 and since then more than 260
teams from all over the planet have presented their proposals on where the construction of loops for the connectivity of cities and regions would be feasible.

The Hyperloop proposal in Mexico was presented by the Firm of the Mexican
architect, Fernando Romero, who was inspired by the highspeed train project that was intended to be built between Mexico and Queretaro. In this case, the Mexloop would
unite the cities of Querétaro, León, and Guadalajara. However, it would be between 2025 and 2030 when the project begins to materialize in Mexico. With this system, it is intended to travel this entire route in just 38 minutes.

The first hyper loops that will work in the world will be inaugurated in 2021 and after they start their development in countries like Mexico, it would seek to install more routes connecting Monterrey to the north, Veracruz to the south and some could even cross the

The cost of the Hyperloop would be approximately 450 pesos per person, so it would be accessible to all.
Times and distances that the Hyperloop will travel Mexico – Guadalajara: 532 km,38 min
Mexico – Querétaro: 190 km, 13 min Querétaro – León: 184 km, 12 min
León – Guadalajara: 205 km, 13 min

Source: mexicodesconocido.com.mx