Bus owners seek to raise to $10.50 rate of urban transport


Bus owners intend that the increase occurs in the month of August before the school year begins; the State Government will analyze the proposal.

An increase of 1 peso is being sought for the public buses to $ 10.50 for buses with AC and $ 9.50 for those who do not have it, the president of the Federation of Transporters in Sinaloa, Miguel Luna Ley.

He said that the increase is expected to occur during the month of August, before the school year, on the argument that the cost of fuel has increased significantly and that an adjustment is necessary because the service It is not profitable.

For the part of the State Government, the director of Roads and Transportation, Octavio Ruíz Fonseca, argued that already has a proposal, however, just begin to analyze it to ensure that the adjustment is viable.

“They already submitted a proposal, there with us, in the direction of Roads and Transportation, we are in a stage of starting an analysis of the increase that they ask and determine if it’s fair or adequate.