Building the bridge foundations for Central Park


Central Park includes two pedestrian bridges over a lake whose bases already started building. 

The crews of workers work long hours under the intense rays of the sun to build the structures and the concrete plates that will support the bridges. 

The change of the character of the Forest of the City until a few months ago is total. With heavy machinery, mangrove areas, areas of trees have been cleared and play areas have disappeared. 

A backhoe bulldozer removed yesterday the rubble of what for many years served as a children’s theater and the buildings of sanitary services are demolished.

From Leonismo Avenue you can see the groups of workers in the armed of the bases. On the other side of the El Camarón lagoon, you can see how the trucks transported loads of land to replenish other areas. 

It is expected that in the coming weeks it will begin to clear and prepare the land on which a new aquarium will be built after the City Council made its donation of the old aquarium to the State Government.


The project

The Central Park will require an investment of 2 thousand 800 million pesos and contemplates the construction of a history museum and a new aquarium that will house specimens from all over the Sea of Cortez.  

These two enclosures will be connected with two pedestrian bridges with Bahia Avenue to attract the flow of visitors directly from the boardwalk. 

In the middle of a large lake, in which El Camarón lagoon will be transformed, there will be small islands for birds and near a pier. It is one of the main projects of the state government.