MAZATLAN in 3 breakfast, lunch, and dinner


The Pearl of the Pacific is renowned for the freshness and quality of its seafood. The typical preparations are the aguachile, the shaken fish, and the ax callus, accompanied by “well frozen”, as the locals tell them to the beers.

There are three essential stops for those who are visiting Mazatlan. Each one with its own style and charm, which captivates the palates of the traveler


At 9:00 in the morning it smells like chilaquiles in La Mazatleca, a restaurant by the sea, in the Golden Zone of the port.

They go on a bed of pork, corn chips bathed in red sauce, sautéed shrimp, cream, and cheese. The chief’s chilaquiles are served early for the early risers or for those who want to cure the raw.

The Mazatleca
The best way to start the day

On June 22, La Mazatleca will celebrate its first four years. The partners are Rafael Ernesto Cruz Aun, Munir Aun Nafarrate and chef Alan Zamudio, who imagined the place from scratch. In the kitchen, the traditional local flavors with avant-garde haute cuisine recipes stood out.

The menu includes delights such as the corn-fat chunks of pork seat, a stew of shrimp and octopus with butter and garlic with gratin cheese, accompanied by toreado chili and guacamole. The enchiladas or tambora are enchilada stuffed with shrimp or octopus, on a bed of white rice, bathed in mole, lettuce, radishes and purple onions tanned in vinegar.

There are tables inside and outside the restaurant, on the seashore, from where you can see three famous islands of Mazatlan: the Birds, the Deer and the Chivos.

Av. Camarón Sábalo 1303, Sábalo Country Club, Mazatlán (669) 913 1666


El Cuchupetas is located 40 minutes from the Golden Zone of Mazatlan. On the outside it is a house on one floor, like all the others, simple and without any tension. Its only distinctive is a colorful little fish with a hat that plays the Sinaloan tambora.

The name of the establishment is a play on words, its origin has to do with an accident of the childhood of Don Manuel Sánchez -dueño and creator of the dishes that are served there- that left him cucho (hence the first part of the name) an arm and that according to some people is the magic arm of the seasoning. Years later he became fond of beer and put on his guarapetas, that’s where El Cuchupetas was born.

The walls of the place are upholstered with photographs of Don Manuel and some guests recognized as celebrities, politicians and even the current president of Mexico, who have visited him for 30 years.

The Cuchupetas
Cuchupetas Shrimps are a tradition that must be enjoyed in the port

The specialty is the Cuchupetas shrimp, opened in the shape of a butterfly, stuffed with asadero cheese, seasoned with soy sauce, garlic powder, mayonnaise of the house, cooked on the coals.

The recommendation is to order several dishes to share and eat a bit of everything. The ax callus – pure flavor – for its freshness does not need more than the juice of several lemons, slices of cucumber, salt, purple onion in julienne and a packet of toast. The aguachile has almost the same ingredients – juice of lemons, chili, onion and cucumber – but it is made with shrimp.

A beer or a traditional Tony Col -refresh fruit with a touch of vanilla, originally from Sinaloa-, are perfect to reduce heat up to 38 degrees and accompany the creations of El Cuchupetas.

At the exit there is a basket of cajeta homemade empanadas, for those who stayed with a hole in the stomach. Be careful, they do not accept a credit card, only cash.

Jesús Carranza 30, Villa Unión, Sinaloa (669) 967 0460

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Black risotto, guajillo chili alioli, pepper sands, chlorophyll emulsified with chard and asparagus, are the secret of the risolado sea bass that is served at Casa 46.Marino Maganda is the chef in charge of fusing the classic ingredients of the state with the author’s cuisine.

House 46 is located where was the Machado House Museum, which dates back to the seventeenth century, in the old Mazatlan. The restaurant combines the modernity of a wine cellar -with more than 150 labels- with the original French architecture, and a terrace from which you can see the square that every night is filled with jazz singers, band music and some vendors of handicrafts.

To open up the appetite, a chilorio , a dish from Sinaloa that Chef Maganda incorporated crab as the main ingredient – instead of shredded pork – on a pumpkin stew from the region, avocado mayonnaise, green tomato, creamy coriander and a wheat toast.

Of course, it has to be sea bass on black risotto, guajillo alioli, pepper sands, chlorophyll emulsified with chard and asparagus. For dessert, there is an interpretation of traditional chocolate cake with distilled blue agave foam that you can not miss.

To have a pairing inside the cellar, you have to book in advance so you do not get it.

Constitución 79, Centro histórico, Mazatlán (669) 136 0545 


Mariela Gómez