Urgent cleaning of Ciudad de Los Niños. outbreaks of allergies


In an altruistic way, the company Cleanwork Orange Mazatlán disinfects the facilities, where 40 children live

The staff of the company Cleanwork Orange Mazatlan is doing cleaning work in the facilities of the Ciudad de Los Niños de Mazatlán.

This is done after a series of minor skin diseases caused by the mites that mainly reproduce on the mattresses of the bedrooms were detected. To carry out these works, the company had to get a pipe with water, because in Ciudad de Los Niños it does not have enough water.

Mother Evelia, in charge of the institution, points out that over the last few months they have had various problems caused by water leaks inside the same area of Ciudad de Los Niños, which has generated a debt of around 45 thousand pesos with the Mazatlan Water Board.

About 40 children live in this institution, from infants to young adults. Mother Evelia points out that some of the minors they have in this place were channeled there by the Ombudsman’s Office of the DIF Mazatlan System.

Regarding the cleaning of the mattresses, Mother Evelia thanked the company that does this work for free, as the approximate costs of disinfection for each mattress have a value of 400 pesos in the market, something that could hardly have been solved by the City of the kids.

People from religious and nonreligious groups joined the cleaning efforts.

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