The Sea Turtle Protection Program begins


MAZATLÁN.- The Mazatlan Aquarium started the program of Permanent Protection to the Sea Turtles that visit the Beaches of Mazatlan on Tuesday afternoon.

The director of the Mazatlan Aquarium, Celia Jáuregui, led the start-up of this program, where she also handed over the certification to 10 people who will be the only ones who will be able to pick up the Turtles and take them to the Mazatlan Aquarium where there are up to 1,000 in the room of incubation.
On the other hand, the boy Noé Solano, a lover of the conservation of this species, announced that a few weeks ago he won a project to protect the sea turtle obtaining a gold medal in Brazil.

“I love it and I enjoy it. I’m also happy to have won this contest on a global level,” said the little giant. Celia Jáuregui explained that the area of operation of the program is 21 kilometers of beaches that cover from Olas Altas to Playa Cerritos.

He also announced the Ögures that in the past 27 years have been protected 12 thousand 368 and one million 135 thousand 383 hatched eggs and hatchlings released in an approximate number to 876 thousand 038.

As well as a thousand 456 nests, of which 134 thousand 939 were incubated and 115 thousand 336 in species