“We must comply with the law” Sinaloa’s President of the Council for Economic Development


MAZATLÁN.- “It is time for the government to start suspending concessions and act against taxi drivers who block transportation”, said the president of the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa in the southern zone, Sergio Escutia Zúñiga, who made a call for compliance of the law.

He considered that the blockades of taxi drivers to Atamsa have a major negative impact for the city of Mazatlan, and acknowledged that there is much discomfort from the members of the business chambers and organizations.

“If someone is working without a permit, if someone is giving a service in an area out of its jursidiction, or if a taxi driver acts violently against tourists we must apply the law and the taxi drivers must be arrested by the police or pay the fine for disturbing the public order, because these people are acting aggressively and they are scaring the tourists,Escutia Zúñiga continued.

He said that to trust the authorities of the Tourist Care and Protection Center, they have to do their job correctly, implement a protocol to minimize the negative impact, because the violent behavior of many transport service providers is attempting against the integrity of tourists.

Escutia Zúñiga concluded that this is not a political matter, this is a law enforcement matter

TMP Newsroom