Canceled again! dredging of the port of Mazatlan


Modifications to the project and the lack of environmental impact studies would modify the budget for the execution of the work, is established in the Official Gazette of the Federation

Again, the dredging of the navigation channel in this port is in “recess”.

And although they have already labeled one thousand 300 million pesos, the works are stopped by the cancellation, in March, of the new tender to start the works.

This time, for not having the Manifestation of Environmental Impact and modifications that are required to some parts of the original project.

“Whose summation of the call was published in this electronic medium on March 22, 2018, is declared canceled because the dredging sites have been modified, to fill new patios, and we still do not have final authorizations of environmental impact and shooting area, situation that would lead to changes in the budgetary situation established for the execution of the work “, the Official Gazette of the Federation is established.

Consulted on the matter, Sergio Escutia, president of the Council for the Development of Sinaloa in the south zone, informed that work is being done so that the resource stays in Mazatlan and begins with the realization of the project in what remains of the federal administration.

“The money is already labeled for Mazatlan and we are going to do everything possible so that it stays in Mazatlan, they are 1,300 million pesos,” he explained.

“There are some problems out there that have to do with the change of the project, I feel that if we have the project as originally had, you can facilitate the use of the resource, but what is more rewarding is to use that resource that is already labeled in Mazatlan, to lay the foundations, “he continued.

The pre-bidding for the dredging tender was launched in December 2017, but in the same period, it was canceled due to administrative issues.