Mazatlán thermoelectric plant: the hidden cost of energy



After more than forty years in operation, the hydroelectric plant continues to pollute the air and the estuary of Uriah, causing damage to health and the environment, which is why it is urgent to convert it to gas-electric, Cemaz warning

A dry cough, a rascal that never goes away, María Lizárraga has suffered for so long that she no longer remembers. He has spent his entire life in the ejido El Castillo, on the outskirts of the city of Mazatlan next to a marsh area.

At 70 years of age, he has to pay an expensive treatment to clean his lungs of smoke, which he assures has been detected.

It was her turn to be there when they installed the José Aceves Pozos Thermoelectric Plant that November 1976, and she relates her illness to the black smoke that every day sheds this energy-generating plant, which works with fuel oil.